Team Pro Player was established in Fall of 2007 and began playing games in the Summer of 2008. In Fall 2013, Team Pro Player and the McHenry County Hurricanes merged to become the Pro Player Hurricanes.

Our program is designed to maximize the exposure of our players. We will do this by participating in quality tournaments and high profile "Showcase" events. These types of events attract dozens of college coaches, professional scouts and the very best players.

To increase the number of Fox Valley Area players to reach the college and professional level by providing players with the finest facilities, superior coaching and top-level competition with an emphasis on exposure to college coaches and professional scouts.

Through our association with Pro Player Consultants / The Training Grounds (25,000 sq. ft.) we offer year round training facilities and coaching. Our coaching staff has extensive professional, college and high school experience.
Please visit our Pro Player Hurricanes website at